The 21 Day Budget

By Brittney Batson

Quickly begin changing your money by following this step-by-step budgeting guide. This resource was designed for all those that desire to...

1. Decrease Debt

2. Build A Savings

3. Maximize Their Income 

It does not matter if you are fresh out of college,

starting a new career, or a seasoned employee.

The 21 Day Budget is sure to help you begin your

journey to financial freedom.


Looking to take control of your money? Are you swarmed in debt? Do you need help creating a budget to change your finances? Look no further! Miss Build A Budget's "21 Day Budget" is the perfect guide to help empower you to take your money and build a step-by-step budgeting system to change your finances. This book will show you step by step the way to creating a money changing budget. Each step is simple enough to apply to your everyday lifestyle and powerful enough to decrease your debt, increase your income, and build a growing savings account. 


"The 21 Day Budget is a guide created with every woman in mind. Brittney Batson shares the exact steps she took to take $50,000 of debt to $0, travel, buy a home, and build savings on a teacher salary. Get ready to change your money. Be prepared to be empowered to become financially healthy. Get ready to find financial independence. With Miss Build A Budget, you are destined to change your relationship with money forever!"

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