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Miss Build A Budget


Our academy has been strategically designed to encourage your journey to learning how to start a budget. We understand that handling money can be difficult and overwhelming at times. So, we created The 21 Day Budget to push you towards your financial dreams one step at a time. 


The Course

Each day you will have on-demand access to a 10-20 minute class geared towards empowering your journey to create a monthly budget. We believe, with The 21 Day Budget course materials, you will be well on your way to financial success. The course gives you day-by-day steps that are easy to follow and apply to your everyday life. Brittney Batson is the author and shares 21 steps to building a foundation in managing income and understanding how to save, pay off debt, and invest for your future.

Step 1: Register for Class Here

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Step 2: Grab Your Course Books


Course Materials

You will need the following resources to really take full advantage of the courses available to you. The course books are a great way to follow the course material and encourage success along your financial journey to learning to budget your income monthly. 

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Step 3: Start Your Classes

Congratulations! You made it and accomplished something big! You completed The Miss Build A Budget Academy. We know you worked hard the past month creating a budget using The 21 Day Budget by Brittney Batson. It was written to encourage your journey to create a budget that can impact your life and finances down the road. 

Step 4: Course Completion

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Step 5: Next Steps

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You Made it through Miss Build A Budget Academy. Our hope is that you have been encouraged to start a budget for this month. We want to celebrate with you by sending you some goodies straight to your inbox.