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Congratulations! This is your official enrollment letter to the Miss Build A Budget Academy. First, we are so proud of you for taking the first step towards creating your budget. We believe in the power of having a budget for every paycheck and have witnessed tremendous payoff in the long run.  


Here is a short introduction to welcome you into the academy by the founder, Brittney Batson. She is excited to meet you, empower you, and encourage you along your journey to financial success starting this month. 

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Next, grab your calendar and set a day and time that works best for you. You will need about 10-20 minutes every day to watch your class, read your chapter, and start your budget for the next 21 days! 


Then, please be sure to join the Miss Build A Budget Facebook community. Why? Here, you will be a part of a community of women striving to reach similar financial goals. There is so much power in accountability, community, and friendship along our journey to handling our finances. It can be very difficult to accomplish our money goals alone. AND, every Sunday we will come together on Facebook/Meetup to offer a word of encouragement and answer any questions you have during the course LIVE! Sign up here!


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Lastly, once you finish meeting the founder and course director, please proceed to your next class by clicking the link below. Each class will be listed on your dashboard. Be sure to sign up and keep your login and password to have easy access anytime to your classes throughout the day. 


If you have any questions please visit our FAQ section or email us.


Happy Budgeting,

Miss Build A Budget



Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor or certified in any area. I speak about my personal financial choices.