I am here to inspire you to...

create a budget in 21 days

decrease your debt

and become financially free


Having a budget changed my entire life and helped me reach my very own financial goals!

I am here to share my journey to financial freedom, building savings, and investing for my retirement.

It all began with me learning how to manage my money. 


Trust me, I have financial goals, too! I am here to share my journey to financial freedom, buying a home in cash, and building a savings account for my future as soon as I graduated from college. It started with my 21 Day Budgeting System.

Grab Your Financial Vision Board to Begin Your Journey to Budgeting

Here is a simple start to creating your own financial future! 

Like any architect, everything starts with a plan. 

If you are wondering where to begin with your finances, how to start a money changing budget, or how to save on a teacher salary, this is your first step!

The worksheets include a financial vision board and blueprint for you to start preparing to walk into your new financial future.

3-Day Email Course to Help You Start a Money Changing Budget


1- Start With Your Income

  • How to track your income and expenses

  • Using a financial Spreadsheet


2- Create Your Financial Vision

  • How to create a vision of your money

  • Changing your money mindset to decrease debt, increase income, and build a savings


3-Build And Grow Your Savings

  • 3 Tips to start building a savings

  • Build Your Income Strategies


For years, I have served as a helpful role-model to many seeking inspiration, help, or advice about small budgeting tips. In 2019, I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. I started thinking about my financial celebrations, struggles, and setbacks after college. I founded Miss Build A Budget with a mission to give others an up-close look into how I became debt-free before the age of 30, bought a home, traveled the world, and grew a savings on a teacher salary. 

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The 21 Day Budget

Miss Build A Budget's "21 Day Budget" is the perfect guide to help empower you to take your money and build a step-by-step budgeting system to change your finances. This book will show you step by step the way to creating a money changing budget. Each step is simple enough to apply to your everyday lifestyle and powerful enough to decrease your debt, increase your income, and build a growing savings account. 

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