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Our academy has been strategically designed to encourage your journey to learning how to start a budget. We understand that handling money can be difficult and overwhelming at times. So, we created The 21 Day Budget to push you towards your financial dreams one step at a time. 

Who We Are

The Miss Build A Budget Academy is dedicated to encouraging women towards financial freedom. We do this by breaking down the budgeting process one step at a time. The Miss Build A Budget Academy was created with your needs in mind and strategically planned out to help you accomplish your small money goals. 

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What We Do

Why We Care

Are you tired of overspending each month on food or other unnecessary habits? Are you having difficulty creating a budget that sticks past a couple of days?  The Miss Build A Budget Academy believes in the power of financial knowledge to gain financial freedom. Learning to budget your monthly income can help lead you to decrease your debt and building savings.  

Handling your finances can be really tough alone. Join The 21 Day Budget Community and receive support directly from me each week. Every week a group of women meet together and discuss budgeting advice from The 21 Day Budget book and class. They go into detail and share their ongoing journey to financial freedom every week.

Step 1: The Vision

We help you create a financial vision that will guide your spending and saving for each month to help you reach your financial goals.  We break down each step to help you work on your finances each day.

Step 2: The Process

We break down how to start budgeting and provide an easy approach to apply simple steps to achieve creating a budget one step at a time. We will create a strategy to help you become successful.

Step 3: The Materials

We go through The 21 Day Budget each day with you to show you how to create a meaningful budget, set small goals, use spreadsheets, and allocate your money to cover your expenses each week.


How It Works

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Grab your materials

Yes, this courses has resources to help you succeed. Grab The 21 Day Budget book and The 21 Day Budget Workbook.

Start your budget Class

Grab your calendar and schedule 10-20 minutes everyday to sit down and take the next step towards creating a budget to help you reach your goals. 

Let's Meet!

Yes, budgeting can be difficult, but it is possible. And, you don't have to do it alone. Schedule a call with the founder of Miss Build A Budget. Brittney will schedule a 30-minute time slot to help you get started with your budget this month. The call will encourage you to take the first steps to start your journey to financial freedom.

Founder, Blogger, Teacher

Brittney Batson

Hi! I am Brittney and years ago I found myself graduated with a boatload of debt. So, I decided to do something about it. I came up with a plan to help me decrease my debt over time and help me reach my goal of becoming financially free. Here is my story...

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